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They will promote Mazatlan through ‘camaronizas’ Shrimp Shows

The two hotel associations in the municipality will join efforts, with the support of the State Government, through the SECTUR for dissemination in at least three states of the Republic

The shrimp , yes, that delicacy of the sea, for which Mazatlan is considered the largest fishing fleet in the country will be the essential ingredient to promote the tourist destination nationwide.

The hotel associations of the municipality have teamed up and are already preparing to draw up a promotion strategy in October in states such as Agusacalientes and Jalisco based on ‘ camaronizas ‘.

They will be taking up the concept used in April in León, Guanajuato with the diffusion of the 2019 International Carnival and the recent culinary show in Mexico City, revealed José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan.

He indicated that they already have the support of the State Government through the Ministry of Tourism to cover the expenses of the inputs, projecting at the same time an additional campaign of tourism promotion, but also working with national airlines.

Gamez Valle announced that with this type of actions it is expected to have a higher performance inhotel occupancy for the summer season in 2020 and in winter of this year, as the events regarding promotion of the destination for flights will be  taking place  before and after the traditional Fiesta Amigos, which takes place at the end of October, as a gift for the main promoters of the city at the Mexican Republic level and in the world.

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