Mayor calls to ‘liberate’ the sidewalks of the Golden Zone


To improve the place, entrepreneurs must do their part.

MAZATLÁN.- After the urban improvement works by the current municipal administration that has carried out in the Golden Zone, from public lighting, drainage, sidewalks, drinking water, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, made a call to all businessmen in the tourist area to ‘free’ the sidewalks.

In recent years, the drainage and pipes in the area, as well as the paving, have been changed. The last remodeling was done on Gaviotas Avenue.

He commented that accompanying this public investment, merchants have to be respectful of pedestrians.

“Today begins a joint operation with Municipal Transit, Public Works, Mayor’s Office, to clean sidewalks,” said Benítez Torres.

He pointed out that from now on, vehicles will no longer be allowed to park on Gaviotas Avenue.

Finally, he stressed that the municipality already gave everything it had to contribute, now businessmen must organize to improve the site.


The Mazatlan Post