Users of public transport in Mazatlán will pay more for their passage


The increase in the price of the transport service becomes effective as of this Monday, according to what the concessionaires themselves have announced on their social networks.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- From Monday 13th December, the passage of the public transport foreign covering routes Concordia-Villa Union-Mazatlán, cost more to the increased five pesos, compared as they had maintained in recent months, and now all users must pay.

According to the information that has been aired on the social networks of Autotransportes Rojos de Concordia, as well as Autotransportes Regionales Los Halcones and Sociedad Cooperativa Río Presidio, the information on the rates has been visible in the same units, according to the section that is intended move, so that users are aware.

According to the table of passage rates, the route from Concordia to Malpica will be 15 pesos, from Concordia to Villa Unión it will cost 30 pesos, and from Concordia to Mazatlán, users will pay 50 pesos. From the Flor de Mayo section to the airport, or the Sugar factory from this Monday to cover the 15 pesos.

In the case of teachers, students, and seniors from Concordia to Mazatlán, the rate will be 40 pesos, as indicated in the statement that appears in these units of the foreign transportation service. 


The Mazatlan Post