Mazatlan tourist bad behavior, not the responsibility of drivers


Exotic dancing and switching units, ‘it is the responsibility of the user’: Transport manager

Various videos of visitors who misused transport circulated through social networks

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Regarding the videos that at the beginning of the Caribbean Series circulated on social networks, where it could be observed that various visitors misused transport such as pulmonias and aurigas when getting off, getting on and dancing on them, the delegate of Roads and Transportation of Mazatlán pointed out that there must be a commitment to prioritize the safety of users, where they themselves must exercise responsibility.

“There is a situation there, the behavior of the users. The driver is responsible for safely transferring the users to the destination that was requested, but there are times when the unit when it is stopped, there is a traffic light or a traffic jam that occurs, there are people who get off the units and start doing dances there, then it is very limited for the driver to make the user behave in the best way ”.

“It is also a responsibility of the users their own safety to behave in an appropriate manner, and not to violate any situation that arises,” he said.

I specify that in the videos it can be seen how the transport units are completely stopped and it is the tourists who choose to get off and make changes.

He stressed that these types of actions that users commit improvised turn out to be very complicated for the drivers of the units because they must stay out of the way; He also reiterated that the driver has the power to lower or deny passage to those who do not comply with health protocols.

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