MLC: Mazatlan logistics Center is aimed at sustainability


With 80 hectares, divided into 66 lots and even a vehicular bridge that facilitates mobility, the Mazatlán Logistic Center is here to stay, welcoming the industrial boom in the north of the port.

MAZATLAN. – If you believed that Mazatlan was only tourism, let us tell you that you are wrong, the industrial boom is here to stay with the Mazatlan Logistic Center, a logistics park developed by Grupo ARHE and will welcome this sector, which promises a lot and has already arrived for to stay.  

But what is a logistics park? What does it work for? And what advantages does it have? Here we explain it to you in detail to understand what is coming from now on, the jobs it will generate and the transformation that Mazatlán will have with a before and after the MLC.  

A logistics park is an area that is dedicated solely and exclusively to the movement of goods, with large warehouses divided into batches, arranged to be industrial warehouses that are used as warehouses or assembly plants. They are commonly carried out outside the cities, but not so far away for easy transit, but far enough so as not to interfere with private vehicular traffic and the growth, in this case, of a tourist city.  

Víctor Humarán Castellanos, commercial manager of the MLC, mentioned that this park will be world-class, the first in Mazatlán, with a modern design, which will be aligned with the tourist port that we all know, open to the addition of other industrial and logistics parks that give step to the new industrial zone of Mazatlán, a strategic point to any part of the country.  

“We believe that it is a product that will complement a space in Mazatlán that does not exist, there are only three industrial parks and all three are saturated, each one has a different vocation, the advantage is that with this (the MLC) we are going to offer companies to come, to establish themselves ”, he declared.  

Humarán Castellanos stressed that few cities have a combination of tourism, real estate and now, logistics and industrial growth: it is estimated that electronic commerce will grow approximately 250 percent by 2024, and the MLC will be there to house dedicated companies to the distribution and storage of goods, even those who want to assemble.  

What advantages will the MLC have?  

Humarán Castellanos listed at least 5 advantages that the logistics park will have, ranging from lot distribution, sustainability, vocation and inspection strategy, which, although it will not be the first in the state, it will be the first in the south, increasing the possibilities of loading and unloading in national and foreign products.  


The MLC will be located in the recently decreed as a new industrial zone of Mazatlán, on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway at kilometer 10.7, that is, on the outskirts of the urban area, which has the advantage of the bypass, giving way to that no trailer of heavy or light cargo enters the city, affecting the roads and existing vehicular traffic.  

In addition, it will maintain strategic connectivity, both to the north with Nogales and Tijuana, to the south with the Bajío, and with the Northern Economic Corridor, along the Mazatlán-Durango Super Highway, being only 15 hours from El Paso, Texas.  

It will be built with an investment of 636 million pesos already insured, between now and the end. From there, 150 million pesos will be used for the construction of an overpass for easy access to the park.  

The commercial manager of the MLC explained that the site will be purely logistics, that is, 60 percent of its component is focused on companies that maintain storage, distribution, and transport lines and large industrial spaces that go ‘ah doc’ with the growth of Mazatlan.  

“Part of this expansion, what is demanding are warehouses, in safe areas, that do not have conflict with neighborhoods, with traffic and that is a place that has the characteristics of wide roads and that offers them a growth for the future of five or ten years, ”he said.  

MLC as a Strategic Fiscal Area 

The place will have a 6.7-hectare property, known as a Strategic Fiscalized Area, what is this? It is a space where companies that have national distribution but also a foreign trade component can import their merchandise.  

“There you can have the merchandise with a period of 60 months, 5 years, it is a facility that gives authority to the park, we are going to become administrators of the enclosure before the authority and customs,” he added.  

Another advantage that the MLC has is that it was designed so that the 66 lots in which the hectares are divided, have lots from 2,300 square meters to 18 thousand square meters, from the smallest lot you can have access to a warehouse of 1,700. It will be a park designed so that at no time the roads are compromised or someone will be found loading or unloading maneuvers or passing a vehicle of visitors or clients.  

The idea is for it to be concluded in 2024, however, by July 2022, the Parcelxpress Distribution Center will be delivered, which will be in front of the MLC together with Grupo ARHE warehouses that will give it visibility, but above all, movement of functionality, which will generate around 2,800 direct and indirect jobs.  

“Mazatlán already has an industrial real estate boom, not just sun and beach and residential,” he commented.  

A sustainable and environmentally friendly park 

Humarán Castellanos remarked that one of the main objectives of the construction of the MLC is precisely to go towards the future, with the use of renewable energies, that do not damage the ecosystem and that they have sustainable facilities and that increase their competitiveness with that plus.  

Your lighting will be installed with solar panels, what are you looking for? be a park that goes towards sustainability, also including the installation of the natural gas pipeline, as well as electric vehicle charging connections.  

“The intention is to move towards renewable energy in lighting, electromobility and gas, which will remain as a friendly park with the ecosystem and give people that plus,” he argued. 

With the construction of this logistics park, it is expected that more industrial parks will be added, together with the Aerospace Park and that the area will become a link and that between all of them service and distribution spaces will be provided, thus increasing, year after year, to this sector in Mazatlán.  

MLC: Mazatlan in the northern economic corridor

We offer the rental and sale of industrial warehouses, rental and sale of logistics-industrial lots, and rental and sale of logistics warehouses in a logistics park that places Mazatlán at the level of international markets. It has more than 80 hectares for logistics operations and a container yard with 34 lots . It works with a purchase, income and mixed scheme.

Mazatlán: the threshold to the first world in international trade, with accelerated growth in its port, logistics and industrial operations. This city is in a process of great development thanks to the following:

  • It is one of the 10 cities with the highest growth expectations in Latin America.
  • The most promising city nationwide.
  • Great access to Asian markets through its marine routes.
  • Direct access to the interior of Mexico and the east coast of the United State
  • Road infrastructure to highways and the Mazatlán – Durango superhighway, privileged connection with the Pacific and Atlantic oceans through the ports of Mazatlán and Altamira.
  • Union of East Asia with Western Europe.


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