Alert! Dengue and Covid could plunge Sinaloa into a syndemic


In Sinaloa, there are currently 1,100 registered dengue infections, with deaths in the municipalities of Sinaloa de Leyva and Badiraguato

Sin.- The current situation in Sinaloa between cases of Covid-19 and the recent increase in dengue cases, as well as the increase in respiratory diseases in the winter season, could plunge the state into a syndemic, warned Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda.

The head of the Ministry of Health insisted that there is a risk that people will become ill with more than one of these diseases .

“There is definitely the risk that we have is that a patient can become infected with more than one disease, in this case epidemic which is dengue and influenza at any given time” he warned.

The diseases that represent a greater risk are Covid-19 and dengue, since the latter has increased by up to 500 percent compared to previous years in Sinaloa.

Cuen Ojeda warned that the care measures applied to avoid coronavirus infections have also served to reduce cases of influenza, of which four have been confirmed so far.

Dengue cases on the rise

The official revealed that to date more than 1,100 cases of the mosquito disease have been confirmed, an emaciated number high compared to previous years.

“Right now there are hundreds of cases, more than 1,100 confirmed cases have been discovered here in Sinaloa and we are far above previous years,” he said.

He stated that this increase in cases has occurred in the state, due to the fact that in the last year preventive actions were not developed, he argued that there was a lack of fumigation, de-loading and others.

“It has not gone bad, if you compare the number of liters of fumigant that has expanded here in the state, we are very low,” he added.

Cuen Ojeda revealed that it has been the municipality of Culiacán, where the most cases have originated, in addition to the fact that the first deaths from this disease have already occurred in various municipalities of the state.

“Here it has been the main problem, we have dead dengue cases in Sinaloa de Leyva and in Badiraguato as well and in the south as the intensity of this disease decreased,” he said.


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