Semarnat seeks to prevent beach permits from being “inherited” in Mazatlan


Members of the Beach Merchants Union in the Federal Zone do not agree with the provision and will go to demonstrate in Culiacán

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Semarnat seeks to cancel the permits to sell on the beach of those people who have died, since the objective is not to “inherit” the family, as has always happened.

The general secretary of the Beach Merchants Union in the Federal Zone, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, said that on November 30 they were in the Semarnat delegation, where they received this news.

“The news is that the seller who dies, his permit also dies instantly, it is not transferred to relatives, children, or the widow, or anything, we are seeing that at a group level and if possible we think about going all to Culiacán. It is what we do not understand, why being a secretariat like Semarnat, it must deliver everything by office, the provisions, however, they tell us by word of mouth and they are applying this provision to us ”, explained the leader of the organized vendors.

Ríos Rubio warned that they will not accept this provision from Semarnat, for which he indicated that the 800 vendors that exist, if necessary, would go to Culiacán to demonstrate.

He added that since federal employees go on vacation as of December 17, they would demonstrate in mid-January.

He recalled that for more than 60 years that the unions have, the permits are inherited to the family, the children, the wife, or whoever the person wants, and there is a registration in each group, so it is passed to the son or grandson.


The Mazatlan Post