Mazatlan drivers willing to regulate music, but ask for an even floor


They argue that not all the sound of music at high decibels is generated by them but also by private cars

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Drivers of rental transport, agreed to agree to abide by provisions of the authorities and of the same disagreements.

The foregoing in view of the constant complaints that families living in tourist areas have presented for the alleged noise pollution and ask for it to be regulated.

However, they made the observation that tourists come to relax and the first thing they ask for is music, but they said they were willing to respect the residential areas that are within the tourist area.

Luis Ramos, commented that the visitor wants music, but it must be understood that there are areas where the sound must be moderated, especially in residential areas.

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“We must understand for this reason that there are residential areas where we must lower the sound, but there are other areas where it can be used. So, I think that there would be an agreement between the authorities and the carriers ”, he suggested.

For his part, Ernesto Luna added that if he is willing to lower the decibel of the sound at a certain time, but in general, tourists ask for music and they must be attended to because they are the ones who leave the economic spill in the port.

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“I believe that the measures should be taken in general and not blame anything else on lungworms and aurigueros, we put the volume moderate, depending on the time, if it is at night, logically we lower it, but the truth is that we are us, but also there are private vehicles with high sound, “he said.

For his part, Ricardo Melara, I consider the initiative to regulate noise as good because, in effect, there are Mazatlecos who live in tourist areas and this is annoying.

“Mazatlán is touristy and interns come to have fun, but not all visitors come to hear noise, there is a sector of 40 years and up that has other ways of having fun and not just listening to noise,” he stressed.


These statements are very far from reality. Mainly public transport is the one that brings music to exaggerated levels, day, night and at dawn, without respecting room areas, such as the Historic Center.

In addition, at no time has it been requested that they not bring music, it is only requested and demanded that, in accordance with the Law and Human Rights, the allowed decibels are respected.

In the same way to restaurants, party halls, private parties, beaches, shops and cars with sound announcing products. And let alone the indiscriminate pyrotechnics, any night, on any date and without reason, more than that which impunity allows them.

Instead of attracting tourism, all this drives it away and soon there will be neither tourism nor inhabitants. Is that what is sought when benefiting a few, at the expense of the majority?
We have time to correct, before it is too late.


The Mazatlan Post