The Great Horseback Ride is back in Culiacán! Riders celebrate to the sounds of the tambora


In memory of the riders who lost their lives in recent months, a minute of applause was dedicated.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- In the botanical garden, band music could be heard in the background, in the place, children, men and women dressed in their hats and boots rode horses of different sizes, all brought together by the same passion, the traditional Gran Horseback riding in Culiacán. 

COVID-19 snatched riders the opportunity to go out into the streets to ride their horses prior to the start of the Livestock Fair and although this year it will not take place either, the union does not want Sinaloans to forget equestrian sport. 

“With this event, the aim is to continue with the custom, with the tradition of once a year making a parade to the Cattle Fair, today for the reasons that we already know about the pandemic, the fair could not be held, but we hope that this parade is commemorating that, ”said the president of the Sinaloa Regional Livestock Union (UGRS), Luis Fernando Velázquez Serrano.

In memory of the riders who lost their lives in recent months, a minute of applause was dedicated , for being people who year after year participate in this traditional event, among them, Miguel Ángel Manjarrez; Jesus Lugo; Daniel Gaxiola and Oscar Lara. 

On this occasion, Velázquez Serrano gave a recognition to Carlos Karam Quiñones , for his distinctive dedication and strengthening of equestrian sport. State and municipal authorities participated in the event, highlighting the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock, Jaime Montes Salas.


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