HUNGOVER? You need a Caguamanta ‘La Mexicana’ the most iconic of Mazatlán and guaranteed to heal your Bad behavior


“Give me two with everything” is the phrase that has been heard the most since 1960. Be careful with its very spicy sauce that even raises the dead

MAZATLÁN.- Mazatlán is world-renowned, among other things, for its exquisite culinary culture. The cuisine of the port has crossed borders and no one can deny the invaluable contribution that these flavors have had around the world.

Proof of this is a dish that is equally iconic in our port, we are talking about the Caguamanta stew. The original version of this exquisite dish is made from loggerhead and manta ray, which is where its name comes from, but when loggerhead was closed due to overexploitation, only manta ray and tuna fin were used, an ingredient that provides it with a similar flavor.

Photo: Rosina Grave

In Mazatlán, there is a cart called “La Mexicana”, which through the years has become the most famous for serving an exquisite Caguamanta stew.

On the corner of Guillermo Nelson and 16 de Septiembre streets, in the Centro neighborhood, it is easy to locate the large line of people eager to have breakfast or eat their favorite dish, there are no chairs, there are no tables, which gives you a 100% experience.

“Give me two with everything” is the phrase that has been heard the most since 1960, when the couple Arnulfo Carrillo Baltazar and María Dolores Álvarez Oceguera, originally from Nayarit, arrived in Mazatlán to forge a better life, although they never imagined the important legacy that they would leave behind the three generations that “La Mexicana” has passed through.

At first, it was not easy, the palate of a Mazatlan can be very demanding. Recipe after recipe and ingredient after ingredient passed through the family kitchen … until they reached their iconic and delicious preparation, which to this day the rest of its ingredients remain a well-kept secret.

From Chihuahua, Mérida, CDMX, the United States, and even from Colombia are tourists who take advantage of their visit to our port to go and taste the dish.

Photo: Rosina Grave

By orders and tacos is the way you can order your rich Caguamanta. They serve it to you immediately and very warm, ready to eat, but be careful that they have a very spicy sauce that is capable of raising the dead from their graves.

They say that “La Mexicana” is the favorite place of all those who wake up because as we told you before, stew lifts you because it lifts you, but that’s not all. This dish is also an aphrodisiac so you can imagine.

Prices and schedules

Half order $ 70
Full order $ 95
Tacos $ 18
Consommé only $ 38

They have opening hours from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

How to get there?


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