Culiacan cancels Livestock Fair, but there will be a horseback procession, do you want to know when?


The leader of the UGRS, Luis Fernando Velázquez, explained that there are no conditions to carry out the livestock exhibition

Culiacán, Sinaloa. –  For the second consecutive year, the traditional Livestock Fair was suspended and in its place on November 27 the 15-kilometer parade will take place as part of the Livestock Day celebrations, reported Luis Fernando Velázquez Serrano, president of the Livestock Union Sinaloa Regional.

“The fairs that are being held right now are very restricted, for example, Guadalajara that did it, but it is with a percentage of visitors and apart from that we put health at risk, we also cause conflicts, whoever goes to the fair wants to enter and the quota is already full because that is where a series of conflicts arise ”, he explained.

He recalled that this horseback ride is organized by the Cabalgateros Union every year and runs from the Botanical Garden to the Livestock Fair.

This event was held on a Sunday before the livestock exhibition began, which usually took place in the second week of November and ended in the first days of December.

He clarified that there will not be a palenque either, as circulated in recent days in a pamphlet where there was a list of artists who would presumably make presentations, which is false.

The livestock leader trusted that this party can be held next year, as long as COVID-19 has been controlled and the population can go out with more tranquility to do their activities. 


The Mazatlan Post