Great Cavalcade takes place in Culiacán, Sinaloa


Sunday the Great Cavalcade takes place in Culiacán; more than 2,500 riders will participate; this will be the tour

The tour will start in the botanical garden at 3 in the afternoon to conclude in the Expo facilities with a big party, so that you can go together with your family

On Sunday, November 13th, the Great Cavalcade will take place in Culiacán; more than 2,500 riders will participate; this will be the tour. Photo: Taylor Brandon

Culiacan, Sinaloa. The livestock sector in Sinaloa declared itself ready to start activities of the 46th edition of the most renowned Livestock Expo in the entire northwest of the country, which, in this edition, in an unprecedented event, advances on the path towards sustainability, inclusiveness and social .

Every Tuesday people with disabilities will have free access to the expo for the exhibition area, in addition, on Tuesdays, an access ticket will be granted to those who present 4 empty bottles of coca cola and 1 of fuze tea, which the organizing committee will later be able to exchange. for products to generate pantries and deliver in vulnerable areas.

This alliance made with ARCA CONTINENTAL and ECOCE allows us to advance in sustainability issues, said the President of the Regional Livestock Union of Sinaloa, Régulo Terraza Romero, inviting the entire population to join this campaign to care for the environment by teaming up with the UGRS and the Sinaloa Livestock Expo.

Everything about the cavalcade, know the schedule and its route

Accompanied by the President of the Sinaloa Horsemen’s Association, Rodolfo Sepúlveda Reátiga, the livestock leader declared the start of the livestock festival in Sinaloa ready, which begins this Sunday the 13th with a traditional parade in preparation for the formal inauguration of the activity scheduled for the Thursday, November 17 at 5:00 p.m.

With respect, the President of ACABALES announced that the participation of 2,500 riders is expected not only from the state, but also from Jalisco, Nayarit, Durango and Sonora during this journey that will begin this Sunday for more than 20 kilometers leaving the botanical garden at 3 in the afternoon to conclude at the Expo facilities with a big party.

He revealed that several breaks are scheduled, a 15-minute stop at the Cathedral to receive a blessing, as well as award recognition to Alfredo Valdés Zazueta, in addition to crowning the girl Melissa Apodaca as queen, who will wear a distinctive color along with the riders. pink to make visible the sum of efforts in favor of the fight against cancer.

Present at the conference was the person in charge of logistics and coordination of the area of ​​dancing horses at the livestock expo, José Alfredo Sainz Aispuro, as well as the vice-president of ACABALES, Zulema Ferrer, the coordinators of the commercial and general areas of the expo, German Robles, Hector Garciduenas and Sofia Ocampo.

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