Sinkholes, Potholes, Broken Sidewalks, Dirty Water, Mazatlan infrastructure crumbling Mr. Mayor “GET TO WORK”


Terrified is how the majority of the citizens of Mazatlán live, from different neighborhoods throughout the city, since in recent months they have collapsed into neighborhoods, beaches, and busy avenues; a considerable amount of sinkholes, which put the physical integrity of all people at risk.

Why is it that Mazatlán is filling up with sinkholes?

Many sinkholes are formed when acidic rainwater dissolves limestone or similar rocks under the ground, leaving a large void that collapses when it is no longer able to support the weight of what is above, be it an open field, an avenue or a house, on other occasions the sewers that lose their structure and end up crystallizing and collapsing completely.

Colonos de Lomas piden a la autoridad que repare calles

While very popular avenues, which do not necessarily need remodeling, are paid a little more attention, the half of the city that is on the verge of collapse is not attended to urgently.

Tenants, citizens, and passers-by who are near these problem areas demand from the corresponding authorities that the problem be solved immediately, or at least; Caution and prevention notices are posted since many accidents have occurred and it is a risk for the entire population that travels near these holes.

Continues Jumapam water problems, NO water or Dirty water seems to be a problem they can’t resolve

The reports have been given through social networks and private groups, where they mention that the vital liquid is coming out with a different color and a different smell than usual.

Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez, general manager of Jumapam, accompanied by the head of the Water Treatment Department, Juvencio Lizárraga, said that the problem of water turbidity is in force in some areas of Mazatlán, especially in those colonies that are supplied by the water treatment plant. Miravalles. 

He mentioned that although the liquid comes out a faint brown color, it is 100 percent quality water. 


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