Mazatlán Ballet Company prepares for its 10th Anniversary Gala, tickets still available for tomorrows event


Guillermo Carrillo, director of the group, commented that the discipline has gained good ground and acceptance in the port and in the foreign community

La “Gala Décimo Aniversario” se realizará este sábado 13 de noviembre, a las 20:00 horas en el Teatro Ángela Peralta, los boletos ya se encuentran a la venta en la taquilla a un costo de 200 pesos orquesta, 150 pesos primer y segundo balcón, y 100 pesos tercer balcón

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán Ballet Company celebrates ten years of foundation, a time in which the discipline has managed to permeate the taste of locals, but mainly of the foreign community that lives or visits the port.

The director Guillermo Carrillo, said that this Saturday, in the special function for the anniversary, several pieces will be interpreted artistically by the group of dancers that make up the company, from classical dance, tango and the carnival party in Venice, therefore, gave a preview of what is being prepared for the evening to part of the North American community.  

“We are going to see different styles to celebrate everything we have done, because at the beginning we started to make everything classical and we have already reached a level where we can already, with the help of the contemporary master Agustín, to make contemporary pieces that are neoclassical and that is what we are going to see, plus the students from the school who will be present at the end ”.

In the city, ballet has gained great recognition and in each performance that is offered by the artists, a good number of people are able to attend, however, much work remains to be done so that citizens become familiar with the discipline, mentioned Guillermo Carrillo. 

For the show “Tenth Anniversary Gala”, the 14 dancers that make it up have prepared around 11 great classical, contemporary and neoclassical choreographies, such as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Flame of Paris”, “Venice Carnival”, “Corsair”, among other.

The “Tenth Anniversary Gala” will be held this Saturday, November 13, at 8:00 p.m. at the Angela Peralta Theater, tickets are already on sale at the box office at a cost of 200 pesos orchestra, 150 pesos first and second balcony, and 100 pesos third balcony.


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