Top 5 Wine-Storage Tips You Need to Know


Martin Luther once said, “Beer is made by men, wine by God.” For wine lovers, this statement can’t be closer to the truth. Wine has a divine taste and delivers joy like no other drink. Whether you want to have a wine cellar for business or a few bottles for your enjoyment, it is fundamental that you know how to store your wine well. Best stored wine continues to increase its taste and value with each passing day. But if you don’t store it well, then it will lose its quality.  Ever heard of “aging like fine wine?’ This saying shows that the longer the wine stays, the better it becomes. Having fine wine, however, can’t be possible without proper storage. Here are five wine-storage tips you need to know.

Store the Wine at Perfect Temperature

Different wines have different temperatures at which they should be kept.  Generally, in your wine shop in Australia, you should not store your wine above twenty degrees Celsius or below four degrees Celsius. Too cold temperatures will freeze your wine, while too high temperatures will cause premature aging. Premature aging of wine will spoil some aspects of the wine, altering the way the wine tastes. If you are storing your wine for business, this will be bad for business.

Put the Bottles Horizontally

Arranging wine bottles horizontally comes especially handy when you have limited space. Storing your wine bottles will create more room to put more bottles. Another advantage of putting your wine bottles horizontally is that it helps keep the cock wet. You may be wondering why keeping the cock wet is crucial. Well, a dry cock can crack easily, resulting in seepage. Other than you serving half-full wine bottles, it can also reduce the quality of the wine. Poor quality wine is bad for business, and if it’s for yourself, you won’t enjoy it as much.

Consider a Wine Cooler over a Fridge

If you don’t have a wine cellar, consider storing your wine in a wine cooler other than a regular fridge. A wine cooler is regulated with the proper temperatures for your wine. A fridge might freeze your wine. Your wine might also get food odors if you are using your fridge to store your food also.

Proper Humidity

Too low humidity is not suitable for your wine. It might cause the bottle’s cock to crack, causing spillages. A cracked bottle also lets air in that will lower the quality of your wine.

Too high humidity, on the other hand, is also wrong. It causes the air to have a lot of moisture which may result in your wine sticker coming off. This can be bad for business, for it will be hard to sell a bottle without a sticker.

Keep Away from Vibrations and Light

Vibrations that are emitted by washing machines and stereos can disrupt the elements that make up the wine. This can result in your wine having a different taste. UV light can cause your wine to age quickly. This can also cause damage to your wine and therefore affect the general quality of your wine.


If you have an extensive wine shop in Australia, especially for business, you want to keep it well to last longer. The above tips show you the proper way to store your wine to maximize its quality. Follow them, and you will always serve the best wine.

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