Mazatlán is expanding, but what about traffic?


They will verify with a magnifying glass the issue of construction regulations in the destination with a view to improving mobility and transportation

MAZATLÁN.- With the real estate development that the destination is experiencing, and the construction of subdivisions to the north and even the south of the city, one of the problems that has been seen in the port is mobility, an issue that the cities of Los Mochis and Culiacán are also experiencing.

For Gerónomio Salas Lizárraga, president of the College of Architects in Mazatlán, with the arrival of investments in the city where they build high-impact towers, so they also string strategies to end the root situation of mobility and medium-sized transport.

“The question of mobility is a problem in Mazatlán, Mochis and Culiacán, the participation between IMPLAN, the schools and Public Works of the state would be good, we already have projects and with the change we will seek to give continuity,” said Salas Lizárraga.

The representative of the College of Architects pointed out that the legislative issue has to be carefully checked the construction regulations of Mazatlán, same that this process will be in Cabildo in a few months since it is more than 4 years old and it is expected that it will be released soon.

“We have a construction regulation since 2016, so there have been many modifications in the Laws, these modifications to the new regulation are appropriate because the city of Mazatlán has grown too much in the last six years”; commented.

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The last review is expected next week.


Firstly, the Colleges review it, then it goes to the Commission of Colleges, goes through external legal, then to the secretariat and later to the mayor, it returns for the internal legal review until reaching the Cabildo.


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