Sunday, October 31st the summer CFE subsidy rate ends


CFE reminds the population to make efficient use; room coolers and heaters are the ones that consume the most electrical energy.

Sinaloa. – CFE summer rate end this Oct. 31 for domestic customers.

From May to October, this federal support was granted and all domestic clients have six months of subsidy.

From November to April, the household subsidy decreases to 200 kWh.

The summer rate officially ends on October 31, for domestic customers of the Federal Electricity Commission, reducing the subsidy to 200 kilowatt-hours per month and 400 kwh bimonthly, for rates 1F, 1E, and 1D.

It should be specified that, for six months, from May to October, domestic customers were benefited by the Federal Government with the following tariff subsidy:

– 1F 2,500 kwh monthly 5,000 bimonthly

– 1E 900 kwh monthly 1,800 bimonthly

– 1D 600 kwh monthly 1,200 bimonthly

From November until April, the subsidy for domestic customers will decrease, therefore the efficient use of electricity is recommended.

It should be noted that this is the federal support that is granted each year to domestic customers, regardless of the steps taken each year by the state government to generalize the 1F rate in the entity.

Clients who have doubts regarding the termination of the summer rate are recommended to call 071 with the receipt in hand and make their inquiry.

It should be noted that the appliances that consume the most electrical energy are room coolers such as refrigeration and heaters, specifically resistance ones.

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