The “Mayor” has failed to improve public services in Mazatlán


Just over 48 thousand reports or complaints have been received by the Citizen Service management since November 2018 to date, due to failures in public lighting, drainage and drinking water leaks, patching of streets, failures in garbage collection, among others. services that were poorly delivered

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Covered by the phenomenon Andrés Manuel López Obrador and by the coalition “Together we will make History” made up of Morena, PT and Encuentro Social, on July 1, 2018, “Chemist” Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was proclaimed mayor-elect of Mazatlán.

Destroy corruption, poverty, support those below through social programs, austerity, eliminate abusive privileges in the municipal government, listen to all the Mazatlan people and not only benefit one sector, were the main aspects of Q4 that the then-candidate wanted to establish in the port.

When the “Chemist” became president, he said he had found a city “without feet or head”, all the fault of the previous corrupt governments, the same motto that he maintained throughout his three-year term.

His first months of government were shaky, from the media scandals, such as the suspension of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium due to a debt to Jumapam, to the resignation and accusations of top-level officials, without forgetting the friction with the press, even very recently. , He called the media “enemies of Mazatlán”, just because he did not like the handling they gave to the numbers of COVID-19 infections.

That the mayor lost his way, his good intentions, values ​​and vision raised for this administration were distorted, these are some of the reasons why the now-former officials were “getting off the boat” throughout these three years.


Quality public services have been the “Achilles heel” of this administration. Just over 48 thousand reports or complaints have been received by the Citizen Service management since November 2018 to date, due to failures in public lighting, drainage and drinking water leaks, animal abuse and felling of trees without permission, patching of streets, irregularity of the garbage collection service, among others.

Even the Morena sympathizers and militants became “anti-chemist”; A group of them formed the Popular Council of Mazatlán, in order to accommodate the most pressing needs of the popular colonies when they saw that Benítez Torres forgot the principle “the poor first.”

Miguel Ángel Ramírez Jardines, president of the council, pointed out that “the Chemist” is crafty and there is no clarity with what he informs the public because, despite the fact that the first mayor affirms that Mazatlán is better than ever, the reality is that there is sewage overflow throughout the city and hundreds of unattended procedures in Jumapam.

The CPM also rejected the fact that in this last year there was an investment of 115 million pesos in 98 works, which represents 9.7% of investment in public works when at the national level it is recommended that 30% and the average is 23%.

For the social leader that speaks for itself of the little interest that this municipal administration has shown in addressing the problems in the poorer neighborhoods, where this type of investment is most required and they are not present because they are more involved in the tourist area.

“The Chemist takes credit for some works, as if it had been with his own resource when in reality it is a state or federal resource, I remember that Rafael Buelna Avenue announced it as the great work of his government,” he said.

For his new term, they recommended that he change his attitude to manage public problems, that he is not investing in “occurrences”, as every time he goes on a trip and wants to replicate in Mazatlan something he saw in other destinations, and that he stick to what that is indicated in the municipal development plan. For the CPM, three more years to continue in the same way is of no use.


It is known that Mazatlán was founded on the basis of “land squatters”, hence there are still settlements that do not have basic public services such as drinking water, sewage, electricity, and paving.

This problem is closely linked to the need to regularize land tenure; In the city, 50% of the settlements are irregular, hundreds of families do not have patrimonial certainty as they do not have deeds and many of them are threatened with eviction.

Floods and contamination of estuaries or streams due to sewage leaks are two problems that have their origin, among other factors, in the drainage system in the city; replacing old and obsolete asbestos pipes with PVC pipes requires a large investment, hence the anger that only 9.7% has been invested in public works this year when, in addition, the municipality has said that millions of dollars have been saved. pesos, but nobody knows where they are.

Of the 50 units that make up the vehicle fleet of garbage collection trucks, 50% have already reached their useful life, they are continually in workshops due to breakdowns and only 20 are in optimal condition. Despite the inoperability of the trucks, the director of Public Services affirms that with the 38 units available, the 62 routes are carried out, to collect around 600 tons of daily waste.

No less important, the public lighting system is one of the main demands of citizenship, month after month is the agency that accumulates the most complaints. And when we talk about public lighting we also talk about insecurity, the dark streets allow the increase of the possibilities of those who commit crimes; the settlements furthest from the city center state that they lack patrol rounds.

However, insecurity does not distinguish between places, even central neighborhoods and close to the tourist strip have chosen to undertake their own neighborhood alert due to the lack of vigilance on the part of the authorities.

The port is suffering from the inefficiency of public services, affirmed the councilor Adalberto Valle Pérez, coordinator of the Urbanism, Ecology and Environment commission; streets in total darkness, poor garbage collection, potholes, sewage runoff, and even more serious, drinking water, are some of the neglects items that he listed

He even considered that the failures in services have exceeded, in a matter of complaints and demands from the public, those of public security. He said that the reality of the city is something undeniable because wherever you go there is some damage, especially in the poorer neighborhoods, and the municipal government cannot and should not “close its eyes.”


Without ever having visited the destination, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres’ long-awaited dream is to turn Mazatlán into the Mexican Dubai; The unprecedented tourism growth and real estate boom that the port has seen is undeniable, but the city of the United Arab Emirates is more than just modern and innovative buildings.

Urban development is growing haphazardly and is causing conflicts between settlers and developers; environmentalist David Ocampo Peraza points out that the authorities have been overwhelmed by the increase in population and the real estate industry, and it is a matter of time before the city collapses.

For many, it was pathetic that “the Chemist”, among his campaign proposals in the past electoral process, where he sought and won the re-election of the presidency, promised to bring down, once again, social backwardness and inequality, when he had already had three long years to do it.

And as incredible as it may seem, the best tourist destination in Mexico and Central America for four consecutive years, cannot offer its citizens quality public services.


Comprehensive care for displaced persons, including feet from home; They were hardly supported with the introduction of public services in the 50 homes of the new CVIVE subdivision.

Program to dignify the police force; its public security elements have on more than one occasion been the protagonists of acts of abuse of authority, both with local citizens and tourists.

Return the parking lot to the Malecón; Not only did it not return parking, but it removed more spaces intended to “paint” a shared lane bike lane that lacks bicyclist safety. Also in the first square of the city, parking on public roads was restricted; traders call it “the yellow line pandemic.”

And his promise of Opening a free university in Mazatlán with 50% of the salaries of the civil servants; no comment.


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