Mazatlecos demand for dismissal of the Mayor


Mazatlecos, supporters of Morena and MAS complain of public deficiencies

Hundreds of Mazatlecos and supporters of the Broad Social Movement demonstrated today just outside the Mazatlán City Hall.

The protesters clamored for the dismissal of the current municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, they demanded the illegal sale of green areas, as well as the delivery of illegal construction permits, in addition to the lack of housing for displaced people, were among the many requests that were acclaimed. on the banners of those affected.

The mayor at the moment was not in his office inside the City Hall, which caused even more commotion among the protesters, who consider they have been repeatedly ignored by the mayor, and who has paid more attention to cultural events than to improving the public deficiencies commented the complainants.


The Mazatlan Post