Margarita Madueño and her daughter-in-law better known as “Las frijoleras” survive by cleaning the broken beans.

Margarita Madueño Beltrán and her daughter-in-law clean beans outside their home in the happiness invasion in order to survive; 6 months ago her husband died due to medical negligence and without any pension to support her, she had to continue working to support herself.

Although it is not a permanent job nor does it have all the benefits of the law as she would have liked or would like; Margarita Madueño cleans beans outside her house under a tree with her daughter-in-law and some of her grandchildren who accompany her; She has 10 grandchildren in total and although she receives help from her 3 children, she supports her house alone with the cleaning of the broken beans, they bring her 1 to 3 tons when it is in season and it lasts 1 week to be able to clean 1 ton of the beans who together with her daughter-in-law that the company clean 1 sack every two days if the beans are not very dirty.

“They have forgotten about us,” says Margarita because the area where they live has not been visited by any government agency either before or after the passage of hurricane Pamela, which although she comments that they did not suffer any damage to their home, requires support to be able to survive since their income is minimal “They pay us to clean 3 pesos per kg of beans in a sack is 80 pesos only enough for tortillas, I have to collect scrap to survive since cleaning beans is per season we had about 6 months that they didn’t bring us beans “

She calls on the authorities to support the neighborhoods that are vulnerable and not to do so only when they require electoral support, as well as comments that if she is presented with the opportunity to have a stable job with all the benefits of the law, she would accept it without no problem as she would like to be able to retire later.


The Mazatlan Post