Mazatlan Palaperos affected by “Pamela” await support from the authorities


10 days after the passing of the meteorological phenomenon through Mazatlán, some seafood merchants located on Avenida del Mar, regret the situation, since they are not taking advantage of the good tourist influx to work

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Palaperos that were severely affected after Hurricane “Pamela” passed through Mazatlan, have not yet been able to recover and in some cases such as Mariscos El Barco, the losses were total.

Juan José Burgara Ortega, leader of the Union of Palaperos of Mazatlán, lamented that of the almost 30 palapas that are on Avenida del Mar, there were some 3 that were saved from not being damaged by the strong winds of the meteorological phenomenon that made landfall in this port at dawn on Wednesday the 13th of this month.

“I believe that of all the palapas that there are, I believe that only 3 are the ones that did not result with great damage, but to all the other companions it did affect us enough,” he lamented.


Burgara Ortega commented that they still do not receive support from any government, although last week they delivered a request to the municipal authorities from the Union of Palaperos, to see if they can be supported with material or with what they can.

“Until now there has been no response. On Monday, the comrades will go to see if there is a favorable response because the damage was enough and it is required because we are not working because there was some damage, ”he reiterated.

The leader of the palaperos, said that, in his case, his Seafood business “Los Porteños” will take about 10 more days to start it up again, but in other cases such as Seafood “El Barco”, it will take a little while. more because the current of air definitely swept everything away.

“It was Mariscos el Barco, El Peloncito, La Pulmonía among others that did have heavy damage and some in their entirety, here there is supposedly a fund for FONDEN damages and we are going to see that if there is any support, there is something out there because the losses are enough, “he lamented.


The Mazatlan Post