Dirty water reaches Mazatlan JUMAPAM plants with so much sludge that it cannot be cleaned


The phenomenon began this week, affecting the water quality of the two water treatment plants

MAZATLÁN, SINALOA._ During the last 36 hours the water that is arriving at the water treatment plants that Jumapam operates, is arriving very dirty, with a lot of mud and garbage, which prevents it from being clarified, that is the reason why it is arriving cloudy to the users, reported the General Manager of Jumapam, Engineer Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez.

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The municipal official explained that despite the fact that the last rains were more than a week ago, the water is getting even dirtier than during the passage of Hurricane ‘Pamela’, which is why today the Operations Management carried out de-silting work in the stream of the burros.

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“We want to warn the population of Mazatlán that the water from the Picachos Dam is arriving too dirty, very muddy on the land issue, which for us represents a double the work and a double investment,” he said.

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Beyond the expense of adding more chemicals to the process of purification and clarification of the water that reaches the Miravalles and Los Horcones plants, the most worrying thing for Núñez Gutiérrez is not producing water with the quality that the Mazatlan population demands, Well, even though it is purified, its coloration makes us mistrust that it is suitable for human consumption.

Source: jumapam.gob.mx

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