Mayor of Mazatlán activates Municipal Civil Protection Committee in preparation for Hurricane Pamela


Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres called on the public to avoid taking out the garbage during the rains to avoid floods, however, the collection service will remain active

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mayor of MazatlánLuis Guillermo Benítez Torres trusts that tropical storm Pamela will reach Sinaloa with minor effects, although he called on citizens to prevent themselves and avoid taking out the garbage in the middle of the rains, to inhibit flooding.

He said that the antecedent of hurricane Nora a few weeks ago, forces the installation in the next few hours of the Municipal Civil Protection Council, to attack the main points of the city where there are floods due to clogging due to garbage.

“Let’s wait, it seems that the cyclone is not as strong and although we already had one that was more water than wind, we trust that it is not as difficult as the previous time. It is about to start now, in fact, today I was talking with the Civil Protection department so that it could be implemented immediately and be aware of this event ”.

He specified that it will be until Tuesday when the effects of this hydrometeorological system begin to feel stronger, he estimates that the rains will not be so strong; He also pointed out that the garbage collection service will continue until the heavy rainfall is recorded.

In this sense, the mayor announced that they are about to receive 5 garbage trucks, with which, starting the new administration, they will increase to 50 collection trucks for the municipality, which are expected on October 20.


The Mazatlan Post