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Mayor Luis Benítez Torres supervised economic support operation

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Mazatlán City Council manages more resources before the federal government to continue with the supplies delivery program and economic support to families who are in a vulnerable situation, in the midst of the health emergency in the country and which the port has not escaped either, due to COVID-19.

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres indicated that this aid plan that his government started, he did with an investment of 10 million pesos, but in view of this contingency that prevails and the need that exists in many families, he seeks that this same amount of money be can toast for the next two months and maintain this program.

Mazatlan’s director of Welfare and Social Development Tonatiú Guerra Martínez explained that during the seven days that they will deliver the supplies, between 500 and 700 people who registered in the program will attend daily.

The mayor of Mazatlán supervised on Tuesday, April 14th, the delivery of this support in the Germán Evers sports facility, where there is more space to serve people who have registered online and thus be able to comply with the rules of healthy distance and avoid crowds that could cause the spread of the virus.

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