3 Mazatlecos will travel to Costa Rica for Pan American Shore Fishing Tournament


On October 14, Waldir Núñez, José Ricardo Acedo and Raúl de Jesús Montiel will fly to Mexico City before departing for San José

Motivated and focused, three Mazatlecos prepare suitcases to travel to Costa Rica and represent -as officials selected- Mexico in the First Pan American Fishing Tournament of Orilla Jalova 2021.

This is the case of Waldir Tomás Núñez Hernández, José Ricardo Acedo Peraza and Raúl de Jesús Montiel Robles, members of the PescaDOS club and participants in the third National Beach Fishing Championship that was held on September 11 at home, that is, in  Mazatlán (Sinaloa), and in which they took the respective continental ticket.

Waldir Tomás Núñez Hernández. Photo: courtesy

Except for Núñez Hernández, who was selected by the National Federation for his good ranking in previous tournaments, Montiel Robles and Acedo Peraza obtained the competition passport in the Tico country for their achievements in the recent National Mazatlan.

Montiel, 35, rose to the podium thanks to a third-place, the product of a horse mackerel that awarded him 30 points, behind Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez Félix from Sonora and Reynaldo Flores from Baja California, who occupied first and second, respectively.

José Ricardo Acedo Peraza.

Acedo Peraza, for his part, finished sixth, a position that automatically sent him to the Pan-American Championship based in Jalova, Siquirres district, Limones province, Costa Rica.

The three Mazatlan fishermen, who are part of a representative made up of eight other exponents, will fly to Mexico City (CDMX) on October 14 before embarking on the trip to San José, Costa Rica. The competition is scheduled for October 16-17.

Mexico will contest the medal with 40 fishermen from delegations such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and the United States, whose fishermen will also be very well ‘armed’ with their best gear to win Pan-American glory.

Raúl de Jesús Montiel Robles.

A native of the then called Federal District (‘From Iztapalapa to the world ‘), but with a Mazatlan heart, Montiel Robles has been a sport fisherman for four years, dedicated to investment funds and bank credit counseling and amicably nicknamed in the world of fishing like El Chuck.

Núñez Hernández, who is the leader of the PescaDOS club, to which the other two belong, has been involved in sport fishing for a decade and his good classification in previous federated tournaments made him worthy of the call by the National Federation.

Waldir Tomás Núñez Hernández.

The 55-year-old fisherman has led, for four years every March, the organization of the State Selective Shore Fishing Tournament on the Océanica-Escopama beach with increasing participation, including from several states.

José Ricardo Acedo Peraza.

Acedo Peraza is also very motivated by his imminent trip to the Central American country. Born in 1974, the PescaDOS member has been involved in the sport of rod and reel since childhood when he accompanied his father to the docks every morning and caught his good pieces.

For 15 years he has competed with rod and reel, a modality that has allowed him not only to enjoy the implicit passion but also the pleasant flavors that his achievements and recognition have generated in the various tournaments in which he is registered.

List of selected Mexicans

Name State

1) Reynaldo Flores Romo Baja California

2) Héctor Navarro Hernández Baja California

3) Waldir Tomás Núñez Hernández Sinaloa

4) José Ricardo Acedo Peraza Sinaloa

5) Raúl de Jesús Montiel Robles Sinaloa

6) Carlos Heriberto Fourcade Othó Sonora

7) Jesús Alonso Gerardo Soto Sonora

8) Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez Félix Sonora

9) Germán Guerrero Mancillas Nayarit

10) Jesus Francisco Morales Salinas Nuevo Leon  

11) Luis Miguel García Pérez Nuevo León

José Ricardo Acedo Peraza.

Source: bigfish.mx

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