Availability of Covid beds in Sinaloa is 89%


In Mazatlán, hospital occupancy is 6%, as 20 out of 341 available spaces are active

Mazatlan, Sin.- A descending the curve contagions of Covid-19 in Sinaloa and overcome the third wave, the hospital occupancy also decreased, so that increased availability of beds.

According to data provided by the State Secretariat of Health, by municipalities, in Ahome 56 out of 194 possible beds are occupied, in Culiacán, 49 out of 635 available, in Guasave 37 out of 180, and in Mazatlán 20 out of 341.

In Salvador Alvarado, 4 beds out of 64 possible are occupied, in El Fuerte 2 out of 10 available and in Escuinapa 2 out of 80.

The rest of the municipalities, Navolato, Angostura, Badiraguato, Choix, Concordia, Cosalá, Mocorito, El Rosario, Elota, San Ignacio and Sinaloa municipality, do not report hospitalized patients.

By institution, the IMSS has an occupancy of 16%, as 95 beds out of 605 possible are occupied, followed by private hospitals, with 12%, as 15 out of 128 possible, then the Civil Hospital, with 9% being occupied 3 of 35

With an occupancy of 8% are the General Hospitals, as 48 beds out of 575 are occupied, followed by 7% by ISSSTE, as 8 out of 155 are occupied, with 1% being Sedena, as only one bed out of 100 is occupied.

The Margarita Maza de Juárez hospital and the Semar hospital report 0% occupancy. In all of Sinaloa, only 170 units are occupied, out of a possible 1,570.

In Mazatlán there are Covid beds available. 

In Mazatlán, in the IMSS 17 beds out of 141 possible are occupied, in the hospitals 2 out of 28 and in the General Hospital only one out of 90. The occupancy percentage is 6%, out of 341 Covid beds, 20 are occupied.

In Mazatlán, the IMSS has 17 beds out of 141 possible, in hospitals 2 out of 28, and in the General Hospital only one out of 90.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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