Mazatlán could have a pirate neighborhood in the Historic Center


Rosales Pitones revealed that the port could have its own pirate neighborhood, because in addition to raising the project with the municipal authorities, they have approached the residents of the historic area of ​​the city center, who agreed

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Within the framework of the inauguration of the Pirate Mansion, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that Fort 31 could have a collaboration with Carlos Díaz Made in Fiberglass, creator of the new attraction in the port, in addition to the fact that the port could have its own ‘pirate neighborhood’.


Benítez Torres highlighted the tourism works that are underway, including the remodeling of Avenida Emilio Barragán, Calle Ancla, and Plaza de la Banda, which will be located right at the foot of Cerro del Crestón. Likewise, he revealed that they are already planning to do joint work with the creators of the Pirate Mansion to give Fort 31 de Marzo a new face.

Mazatlán could have a pirate neighborhood in the Historic Center;  Strong March 31 too

“Starting on the first of November comes the remodeling of the Barragán; It is going to be a world-class tourist avenue and it is going to reach the lighthouse, and anchor street comes, a pedestrian street and bike path that will connect the part of El Faro, it is the new tourist part of Mazatlán with the Historic Center (…) this polygon will be around these developments; The Plaza de la Banda is coming on the foot of the Lighthouse ”, he explained.

La atracción de Piratas del Caribe en Disneyland Paris

“We are inviting them to join the Fort 31 de Marzo project, we want to combine the work they do with a Mazatlan icon; when the Mazatlecos defeated the most powerful army in the world in 1864 during the French invasion (…) Mazatlán will be a land of pirates ”, declared the municipal mayor.

On the other hand, Roberto Rosales Pitones, General Director of Grupo Divierte, a Zacatecan company associated with the thematic museum project, revealed that the port could have its own pirate neighborhood since, in addition to presenting the project to the municipal authorities, they have addressed the residents of the historic downtown area, who agreed.

“The idea is that it is not just a pirate neighborhood; It is also the recovery of the polygon as such, as a tourist attraction and we are already in talks with the mayor to see if we can develop the pirate neighborhood as such, we have been socializing with the neighbors and the truth is if there is an interest ”, he commented.


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