The Sierra de Barobampo, a mystical place for adventure in Ahome


Just 30 minutes from Los Mochis is the Sierra de Barobampo, a place full of history and natural beauty, ideal for a day of outdoor adventure. 

The Sierra de Barobampo is a place full of mysticism and legends, in ancient times it was home to indigenous civilizations such as the Yoremes who left numerous traces of their passage through the area, in the form of cave paintings and rock engravings that today are they can admire when visiting the place.

Among the hills that make up Barobampo is the Cerro de San José, which contains two mysterious caves, very little known, which inside hide numerous cave paintings. The Cerro del Cochi, is another hill on whose highest peak are cave paintings. These paintings represent human forms, plants and animals typical of the region.

Among his strangest stories, it is said that Barobampo is visited by aliens, although nothing has been proven about this, but it is mentioned that at night it is possible to see unidentified objects around the hills. 

What is a reality is that this place is very visited by those who enjoy ecological and adventure tourism. The Sierra has some viewpoints, such as Cerro del Cochi, cataloged as the highest natural viewpoint in the municipality, from its top you can admire a panoramic view of the mountains to the ocean. Climbing the Cerro del Cochi has become a challenge to overcome for those who practice hiking. 

Cerro el Cochi.

Another place to visit is the Devil’s Canyon, located in a small mountain range of Barobampo. To get there it is necessary to enter the mountains, on the way you can admire the flora of the place and fauna of the area and on some occasions it is possible to see specimens such as the white-tailed deer and the wild boar. Here you can go hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and in rainy seasons, you can visit the waterfall that forms inside the canyon.

Devil’s Canyon Cerros Barobampo Sinaloa


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