Growth of Mazatlan focused on north side of the city


The head of Sedectur explains that the logistics projects that are being built are forcing the northern zone to have another look at social and commercial development.

MAZATLAN.- The arrival of the industry in Mazatlan has already arrived and although we do not see it visibly, it is closely linked to the growth of subdivisions and commercial areas in the north.  

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, explained that the Mazatlán Logistic Center and the Aerospace Spark, are the ones that have generated development in the northern zone, which can be noticed when traveling on the highway.  

“Something that is going to completely detonate that area is the avenue that is about to be completed, which is going to unite this area of ​​Mazatlan with Ernesto Coppel Avenue, it is a great trigger without a doubt, much of the infrastructure in the area is because we know what is it comes in the short term,” he declared.  

Velarde Cárdenas pointed out that accompanied by the tourism sector, the arrival of the industry or industrial sector in Mazatlán is generating new investment conversations, new associated projects that will directly or indirectly make Mazatlán grow, mainly towards the north.  

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“ Development does not stop, we are estimating to close with more than 15 billion investment, we already have 10 billion investment accumulated in what goes from November (2021) to date and, this both commercial and the housing issue as the theme developments and apartments the growth has been exponential”, he said.   

The municipal official added that the interest is, above all, from foreign and national investors, as in the case of a Panamanian businessman who recently opened a club in a commercial plaza in the Golden Zone, forcing local investors to continue betting on his destiny.  

He added that the challenge in the Secretariat is to start bringing more hotel chains as well as brands, national and international franchises and that with these names supporting Mazatlan in the sector, a value chain is generated that helps bring more powerful tourism. purchasing.

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