Sinaloan engineer with artist’s blood in his veins


Sergio makes history with muralism on the facades of large buildings

Sergio Manuel Ramírez Ríos, 43, from a humble birth and a working family, his profession is electronics engineering but his vocation is plastic art, painting, especially muralism and he already has a history when painting in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York in large spaces and walls of iconic buildings. “I am an engineer, but I have the sensitivity of the artist”, exclaims the charismatic character and who in a few years hopes to be with his art in the main capitals of the world.

Today, and for three more weeks, he works in Mazatlan, his second land, since he was born in Agua Verde, Concordia, to capture a gigantic mural of dolphins on the facade of The Inn hotel in the heart of the Golden Zone.

The mural, Ramírez Ríos says in the interview, will measure 40 meters wide by 45 high; in fact, you can already see the brushstrokes in blue colors with which they will be the figures of three dolphins in the bay of Mazatlán. The dolphin is an important part of the logo of this hotel of very Mazatlan businessmen.

He adds that it will not be an easy job to paint at heights and on a wall that is not completely flat, in addition to struggling with the humidity and salinity of the port, but it will be a work guaranteed for at least 20 years. He hopes that this work, which will be admired by anyone who walks along Camarón Sábalo avenue, will be the beginning of many more works in the city.

On the other hand, in the interview, he says that he had a career as an electronics engineer for seven years, after emerging from the Technological Institute of Mazatlán. Professionally in Tijuana, he reached managerial positions, well paid, but something was missing, he was no longer growing in his career and that is that art was bubbling in his head and heart.

He left his job and under the pretext of learning the language of Shakespeare he moved to Utah and then to Idaho and in this city, he had the opportunity to paint everything, portraits, landscapes, and had the first experience as an artist with an Italian painter who It gave him the confidence to move on.

Sergio had some years of “skinny cows”; He returned to Mexico, he was in Guadalajara and again to his native Agua Verde where the local priest asked him to paint a mural in the parish with the “Last Supper”, a work that he did in a different, “revolutionary” way with an unknown perspective. , but that the father liked it a lot and from there began the growth of the artist with a second mural in that beautiful community.

Then he returned to the United States, to Los Angeles where in the Olvera Square, where “Los Angeles was born” he painted several religious pictures that they liked very much and the jump to the “commercial” came through a company that advertises with gigantic murals and paintings.

Thus, he affirms that he has done hundreds or thousands of murals in the last ten years in buildings that change their paint every month. They say the “luxury of advertising because each mural is painted by hand.”

He recalls with enthusiasm and passion one of his works: “Jenni Rivera” painted on a building in Long Beach, California, whose legal registration allows it not to be erased like many others. This work was the one that “kicked me” in this art world, Sergio Manuel proudly confesses.

He spoke of another mural for the Gucci brand, in New York, in the “Big Apple” but this work was deleted although it remains in the photographs of his art history.

Sergio said that when his works were “erased, it hurt his soul because they were unique works of his creation and many hours of work. The first few times, I was frustrated because they were works of great value to me, even though I worked for advertising companies … “

He said that in Mazatlan he has done some work, one of them at the Freeman hotel, a work that also disappeared at some point, but the biggest is the one he is now doing at the Inn hotel, in the Mazatlan tourist area. In El Rosario, he made a mural of Lola Beltrán, in the museum dedicated to her.

He does not delve into the great Mexican muralists such as David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco, Diego Rivera, Frida Khalo, and O’gorman, but he acknowledges that he has drawn on their works and paintings.

Finally, he says that it is “beyond what an artist is; I am an engineer although I have the sensitivity of the artist; What characterizes me is that I can capture realism even if it comes from the commercial… I value my career as an engineer, but I also produce art; One day I will be an artist in the great capitals of the world, starting with Rome where I am going to live … “


The Mazatlan Post