Stories of Sinaloa, how the railroad came to El Rosario


It was in 1912 when the road that connected the states of Sinaloa and Nayarit was inaugurated

Rosario, Sinaloa.- Throughout the history of Mexico, the municipality of Rosario has been one of the most important towns due to its economic strength and influence.

One of the most important events for the mining town was the arrival of the railroad since the inauguration took place in this place.

In 1912, José María Pino Suarez, vice president of the Republic and the right hand of Francisco I. Madero came to Rosario to the inauguration of the Railroad.

On Monday, January 22, 1912, the prestigious newspaper “El Heraldo de Occidente”, with great enthusiasm, celebrated the inauguration of the Railroad that linked Sinaloa and Tepic, sponsoring such an important event the famous “Knight of Loyalty”, José María Pino Suarez, Vice President of the Republic and right hand of Francisco I. Madero.

The people of Rosario and the prefect of Rosario, Mariano Rivas, prepared for the reception of Pino Suárez and the inaugural train at the station.

” It was a party that took place at that time, people from Rosario and the communities gathered to appreciate the arrival of the railroad .”


The newspaper stated: ” the Vice President of the Republic, Pino Suárez, and the Secretary of Communications, Engineer Manuel Bonilla, and other personalities, the train having remained at the Station (of Rosario) for as long as it was enough for the numerous people to who came to the place to meet such distinguished characters “.

The station was right there where the old station is now, on the outskirts of the head, the community is known as La Estación, today only the ruins remain.

It was also settled that they “embarked” in Rosario to accompany Pino Suárez, several residents of Rosario, among them Mr. Enrique Castañeda, Mr. Jesús Astengo, Mariano Rivas, Genaro Noris and the head of the territory, General Martin Espinosa.


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