Mazatlan’s Jumapam collaborates in beach cleaning


Organized by the OAP, the activity seeks to maintain the coastal strip in better condition.

MAZATLÁN, SINALOA._ Early in the day, the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán, through its Commercial Management, participated in one more day of Operational Order on the Beach, collaborating in the cleaning of the beach of the Avenida del Mar, on the stretch from the Universidad de Occidente to Avenida Insurgentes, managing to remove a large amount of solid waste from the sand.

This activity was organized by the Mazatlán Beach Operator and Administrator, in charge of the Public Accountant Auditor Roberto Terrones Cortés, it also had the collaboration of the Municipal Ecology Directorate, and is part of the program of work to integrate the society in care of the environment in which Jumapam participates under the leadership of its General Manager, Engineer Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez.

“We are here to contribute to having a more beautiful Mazatlán than ever, but above all to help care for the environment, it is our duty as citizens and public servants to contribute to improving the environment,” said Diego Ávila Barrón, Commercial Manager de Jumapam, who led the delegation of the water utility.

Terrones Cortés expressed his appreciation to the Jumapam staff for collaborating to have a Mazatlán of which everyone is proud, highlighting that litter on the beach is not a matter of bad image, but serious damage to the marine ecosystem, and on each day of Cleaning that is done is an important help to the environment.


The Mazatlan Post