ALERT: dengue, zika and chikungunya increase in Sinaloa municipality


In Guasave no positives have been detected; adds 12 suspected patients, 10 discarded, and the other two awaiting results

Guasave, Sinaloa.- After the rains, the larval rates of the dengue-transmitting fly shot up to 30-40 percent in some colonies of Guasave and communities, which have now become the hot spots of the health authorities, reported the Head of Health Jurisdiction No. 2, Silvia María Preciado Machado.

In the lower colonies such as Tierra y Libertad, Renato Vega, El Chaleco, Revolución Mexicana, Del Bosque, the riverbanks, coastal communities as well as in Bachoco, El Cerro Cabezón and Juan José Ríos, are the areas cataloged as high risk of proliferation of dengue, zika and chikunguny a, warned the health official.

Preciado Machado, specified that the actions corresponding to the epidemiological fence have already been carried out in these areas, but the contribution of the population is required because they cannot fumigate constantly because they also have to take care of other species that are affected by the chemicals from the fumigation .

“The larval index has been maintained, but in some areas it has increased up to 30-40 percent, it means that out of 10 houses that we visit, 4 or 5, they come out positive with hatcheries, but here the most important thing is that help us to eliminate the breeding sites, we cannot be fumigating indiscriminately, because the flies are being born every day, so the best prevention option is to eliminate the areas where the flies are breeding, “he said. 

In the count of cases, the Sanitary Jurisdiction No.2 reported that so far this year Guasave, fortunately, has not had positive cases, but 12 suspects have emerged, of which 10 have already been discarded and the rest are awaiting the results of the State Department of Epidemiology.


The Mazatlan Post