Road tourism down in Mazatlán


Hotels register 44 percent reservations for national holidays

Mazatlán, Sin.- The return to classes and the effects on the roads due to the rains have caused a decrease in the influx of tourism that arrives in Mazatlán.

In this low season, the hotels on the Malecón register occupancies between 25 and 30%; and on weekends they barely reach 40 percent.

The secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, Luis Eusebio Terán, acknowledged that this decrease in road tourism is due to the return to school and the past rains.

However, he estimates that, for next September 15, due to the Cry of Independence, there will be a slight rebound in tourist activity in Mazatlán.

“We hope that occupancy will improve for the national holidays, so far we have 44% of hotel reservations, but we hope to reach 60%,” he said.

Terán Tirado admitted that this decrease in tourist activity has repercussions on the local economy, since, as employment falls, the economy and income fall.

” On weekends, we barely have an occupancy of 40%, which is low compared to what was brought in other weeks and the rebound is expected to be low until November, ” he said.

Regarding the water shortage in Mazatlán, the head of the Sedectur pointed out that production has recovered and stressed that in the case of the city’s hotels, he is not aware that they have had to rent water truck service, rather, they all have large cisterns.


The Mazatlan Post