Mazatlan’s Letty Coppel Foundation will raise funds through a virtual auction, find out how to register


The proceeds will be used for social assistance programs; there are more than 70 awards, including a Caribbean cruise trip

Mazatlan, Sin.- In order to continue contributing and supporting the various programs of social assistance to those who have been working for over 17 years Foundation Letty Coppel conducts an auction pre virtual Christmas.

” To all the people who want to join, there will be a record on the foundation’s Facebook page so that people can participate with their name, telephone number, and the name of how they appear on Facebook, ” commented Connie Velarde Juárez, coordinator of the foundation.

The auction will take place on Saturday, October 16, starting at 5:00 in the afternoon through its social network. The list of prizes will be announced a few days before the raffle, so those interested can see the prize that interests them or participate in the auction in general.

Participants will have the opportunity to acquire experiences and products that can be obtained at unbeatable prices such as stays, dinners, tours, and other articles of interest.

Among the 70 prizes available are a Caribbean cruise trip, designer handbags, helicopter or camel rides, and laptops.

The objective is to raise 300 thousand pesos, which will be allocated to support programs for the elderly, children with cancer and other diseases, delivery of backpacks, among other social assistance activities.

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