In Sinaloa, almost eight thousand people have died from Covid complications


This Sunday 216 new cases were added and 15 people died

Sinaloa.- Covid-19 infections continue to decline in Sinaloa when 216 new cases were registered this Sunday, thus registering 68,147 so far in the pandemicdeaths are also already giving a truce, with 15 deaths in 24 hours, which gives a total of 7,954, in more than a year and five months.

According to the report issued daily by the Ministry of Health, this Sunday there were 27 fewer cases than on Saturday.

There are 1,629 active, there are also 590 suspects and 304 patients have been recovered in the last 24 hours, giving a total of 58 thousand 564 recovered in the 549 days of the pandemic

Of the 1,629 active patients per municipality, 487 correspond to Ahome, 408 to Culiacán, 227 to Guasave. 131 to Mazatlán, 71 to Elota, 55 El Fuerte, 44 to Navolato, 40 to Escuinapa, 32 to Badiraguato, 29 to Angostura, 28 to Salvador Alvarado, 24 to Cosalá. 20 to Mocorito, 13 to Sinaloa, 10 to Rosario, six to Concordia, two to Choix and two to San Ignacio.

Also, of the 590 suspects, of them, 297 are from Culiacán, 170 Ahome, 150 Mazatlán, 146 Guasave, 24 Navolato, 13 El Fuerte, eight Salvador Alvarado, seven Sinaloa, six Rosario, four Escuinapa, four Cosalá, three Angostura, three Mocorito, two Elota, two Badiraguato, two Choix, one San Ignacio and one in Concordia

Of the 15 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours – from 45 to 96 years – six from Culiacán, three from Mazatlán, two from Ahome, two from Guasave and two from Navolato.

Photo: Twitter | @saludsinaloagob

Of the 304 recovered patients, 104 correspond to Culiacán, 72 to Ahome, 43 to Guasave, 21 to Mazatlán, 16 to Elota, nine to Badiraguato, eight to Escuinapa, eight to Navolato, six to Cosalá, five to El Fuerte, three to Choix , three to Salvador Alvarado, three to Mocorito and three to Sinaloa.

The epidemiological traffic light in effect throughout the state is yellow and 70 percent of Covid beds are available in Sinaloa.


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