Construction of Mazatlan’s new cruise ship terminal will begin in 2022


The general director of the API, Mariel Aquileo Ancona, indicated that a square will be built that will have access to the general public

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For the first quarter of 2022 could start construction of the new terminal for cruise ships in Mazatlan, which will have an investment of 300 million pesos, forward Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón.

The general director of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Mazatlán said that in the coming weeks the development of the executive project will begin and it is estimated that for the first quarter of next year the execution of the work will begin, which will include an investment for the dredging of the canal. navigation and docks.

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He explained that the new terminal will have a plaza with everything necessary to provide an excellent service to shipping visitors and will have the particularity that the inhabitant of Mazatlán will be able to enter.

” The square will be of the first level, where it will have everything necessary to give excellent service to cruise passengers, but it will have something very particular, it will make an open square, the cruise passengers will be able to stay or go to anywhere in the city, “he said.

He indicated that with this new terminal, greater service and security will be provided to cruise passengers since they will be totally separated from the cargo that is currently handled in the API yards.

Ancona Infanzón added that Mazatlán will have the first place of its kind in the country, road and air tourists and citizens will also be able to see how cruise ships enter and leave,

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” Tourist personnel who arrive by truck, by plane or the citizens of Mazatlán themselves, will be able to enter the plaza up to a certain level because there will be a part that will be exclusively for all the administrative procedures that have to be done with the personnel of passengers ”, he concluded.


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