Are you a Sinaloan resident without a vaccine? You can still volunteer in tests of the vegetable organic vaccine


This vaccine of plant origin has not caused adverse effects in the Sinaloan volunteers, commented the director of the Sinacor center, Manuel Odín de los Ríos; expect more people who have not yet been vaccinated to join

Sinaloa. – The call remains open for all those Sinaloans who want to participate as volunteers in the trials of phase 3 of the new organic vaccine against COVID-19, which is made from a plant similar to tobacco.

Dr. Manuel Odín de los Ríos, director of Sinacor, the center that is in charge of these trials in Sinaloa, indicated that his goal is to gather 500 volunteers and so far they have 60, so anyone who so wishes can still attend. , with the only requirement of not being previously vaccinated and not having had COVID-19 confirmed with a PCR test.

“The issue with this is that it has been advancing, we will still have two weeks of very intense work so that people who are not vaccinated, find out, evaluate this alternative and that eventually, if they wish, we could include it and receive this vaccine “, said.

The specialist clarified that this organic vaccine, manufactured by the Canadian pharmaceutical companies Medicago and the British GlaxoSmithKline, is currently being tested in various countries and requires 30,000 volunteers globally; They have 25,000, and when they reach the goal, trials and recruitment of participants will stop.

However, he emphasized that they want more Sinaloans to join this project. He emphasized that, so far, no volunteers have had adverse effects.

Manuel Odín de los Ríos said he was confident that more unvaccinated people will find out about these trials and those interested, he recalled, can contact Sinacor at 6677215355, or through cell phones 6671510811 or 6677511662.


The Mazatlan Post