Mazatlan traffic police have fined 40 drivers for parking in prohibited areas


The few minutes they stopped can cost up to 400 pesos, but if you go to pay them in the first 5 days, a 50 percent discount is applied

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.– The deputy director of Municipal Traffic of the Secretariat of Public Security, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Illustrious, announced that some 40 fines have been applied to drivers who have not complied with the implementation of not carrying out loading and unloading in places not allowed in the urban area.

“Several tickets have been issued due to the fact that they ignore the agreement that exists so that they do not violate the law, or obstruct the road. We have prepared about 40 tickets that cost about 400 pesos,

Alvarado Illustrious said that the job of the traffic police is to enforce the law, so double parking is not allowed, and what they do is invite drivers to stand on the ‘intersections’ so that they are not sanctioned and the one who ignores it, will be ticketed.

The deputy director of Municipal Traffic specified that the agents are to enforce the Law and with the new provision, the suppliers have a schedule to carry out their work and if it is difficult for them, they can do it during the day as long as they park in the street. and from there, carry out the unloading maneuvers.

“The job of the traffic police is to enforce the Law, it is not allowed to double park or park incorrectly, the only thing we are doing is inviting them to turn into the street so as not to be punished and whoever ignores has to prepare the minutes “

“… that’s right, that schedule is being respected and those who do not respect that schedule will be penalized, it is an agreement that had already existed,” he said.  

The person in charge of maintaining road order in the city invited suppliers to comply with the new provision to avoid being infringed, and not only that, on the other hand, they help not to generate road chaos on the tourist side of the port of Mazatlán. 

Since last Sunday, the first day that this new provision was implemented by the Government of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the traffic is flowing much better.


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