Mazatlán Aquarium rescues endangered turtle


The damages the animal shows are presumably due to an attempted capture, so its health prognosis is reserved.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 4th, 2021).- Faced with the call for help to protect a species cataloged in danger of extinction, the Mazatlán Aquarium rescued an olive ridley turtle that was stranded on the beach in the Sábalo Cerritos area.

It is a male of approximately 10 years of age, with severe damage to its health. The turtle was admitted dehydrated, with parasites, clumsy movements, and disoriented.

Courtesy of the Mazatlan Aquarium

The specimen has severe blows to the head and carapace, in addition to having its front flippers cut off (scars show that the damage was made approximately 2 months ago and the wounds are still not 100% healed).

Upon arrival at this institution, the turtle was immediately given a treatment based on serums, antibiotics, essential amino acids, in addition to assisted feeding, so it will depend on the reaction of the organism to see if it’s able to rehabilitate itself.

The medical diagnosis is reserved due to its delicate nature. It is presumed that he may have been the victim of an attempted capture.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlán

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