Mazatlan clowns unite to clean up Olas Altas beach


Members of the Mazatlan Clown Association carried out cleaning work on the Olas Altas beach, where they collected 10 kilos of waste, which was deposited in garbage cans.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The show had to wait for the members of the Mazatlán Clown Association, who, concerned about the ecological environment, decided to carry out a cleaning day on the beach of the Olas Altas promenade.

La Chinita, Pekas Show, Pekitas Kid, Milochin and Trikitrakes, were some of the participants of the activity that attracted the attention of locals and strangers, who were walking near where the cleaning task was carried out.

The clowns had to suspend the activity they had planned to carry out in the bathing area that is located on the North Beach in Mazatlán, as the strong waves at that time, prevented them from collecting the waste that accumulates in that area of ​​the Mazatlan bay, next to the Monument to the Fisherman.

Milochin, President of the Mazatlán Clown Association, stated that these types of actions are aimed at promoting care for the environment among the population.

PET, plastic containers, pieces of sticks, cans, plastic bags, wrappers, and papers were part of the waste collected by the clowns, who extracted garbage from under the stones.

What was collected was placed in black plastic bags, which yielded an approximate weight of 10 kilos, which were dumped in garbage cans that would later be collected by Municipal Public Services personnel.

Source: OEM

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