U.S. shrimp embargo could put Mazatlan fishermen out of work


Leader considers that a defense of the Mexican government was lacking before the US authorities

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The entry into force of the seizure of shrimp on the high seas by the United States, to the withdraw the certification to Mexico to export the crustacean that country is the ” coup de grace ” for the sector if there is no going back, warn fishing leaders.

They consider that lacked a defense of the Mexican government before the bodies Americans, considering the work of conservation of turtles has been implemented for years and other actions.

According to the publication in the United States Federal Register, on April 30 the State Department of that country suspended the certification of shrimp from the high seas to Mexico, arguing that the program for the protection of sea turtles in this country is no longer comparable. with the United States.

In Mazatlan, there are around 500 boats that make up the shrimp fleet, which generate 3,500 direct jobs for crew members and 1,200 jobs for women in shrimp processing plants.

Only the marketer Productores del Mar de México generates foreign exchange to the country in the order of 466 million dollars a year.

The former president of the Union Shipowners that brings together more than 200 vessels, Ricardo Michel Luna, criticized the lack of attention of Conapesca regarding the recertification of shrimp during these two years and until now after the “drowned child”, he said, they are training fishermen to raise awareness.

” Now they are doing it, but after the ‘child is drowned’ they are training, what for, it took us all ,” he said.

For its part, the National Chamber of Fishing and Aquaculture Industries urged the government of Mexico to monitor and apply the law, sanction for the benefit of those who do not do things well, in addition to the fact that thousands of jobs depend on this industry, it provides food and generates foreign exchange, in addition to being sustainable and caring for sea turtles

The president of Canainpesca, Humberto Becerra Batista, regretted the decision of the North American government because it will not be possible to export shrimp to the main export market.

He commented that, as a result of the verification visits that were carried out in areas of the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico, an average passing grade was obtained.

” There is no excuse, the work was not carried out as it should be done, the Mexican government relaxed from 2018 to date, at the head of the National Fisheries Commission there was not the right person to carry out that position, that is the True. Many programs were neglected, especially inspection and surveillance, and the consequences are there, naturally, we disapprove of any misuse of turtle excluders, we have exported Conapesca and Profepa to the authorities so that sanctions are made that really discourage misuse of these excluders, “he said.

Conapesca affirms that in order to recover the certification of shrimp from the high seas as soon as possible, the government of Mexico carries out preventive and corrective actions, training courses and follow-up on the infraction qualification procedures, along with a more aggressive inspection and surveillance program. .

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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