Mazatlan restaurants could increase customer capacity to 80 percent


The possibility that it is authorized in this type of establishments is not ruled out, given the conditions of the drop in the number of Covid cases

Mazatlán, Sinaloa- The Deputy Director of Commerce of the Mazatlán City Council, Leopoldo Lizárraga Hernández, acknowledged that at the moment no restaurateurs have come forward to request an increase in capacity from 60 to 80 percent, however, there are chances of it increasing, because the epidemiological traffic light for Covid-19 is already green.

“We are seeing that we have not had any of that comment, however, it will be valued. Right now the establishments are at 60 percent,” he added.

Lizárraga Hernández did not rule out the possibility that in the next few days the capacity will be authorized to 80 percent in these types of establishments, given the conditions of the drop in the number of Covid cases in Mazatlán.

“If the restaurateurs themselves ask for the application, they will do it, there we would have to check how much tourism is coming up every weekend, how it is coming to us and to check these types of events we have to see the influx of tourism we have,” he insisted.

The municipal official explained that if a possible increase in the capacity of people is approved, it would be even for all types of establishments.

“I feel that it will be normal, everything, everything couple. Restaurant, bars, restaurants, patisseries, everything goes together because everything is an influx of people,” he argued.

Finally, he stressed that although the epidemiological traffic light is already green, the protocols to prevent infections will be followed to the letter as in the beginning and they will not relax.


The Mazatlan Post