Mazatlan bus driver for Alliance is exhibited on social networks for alleged assault on a young female


So far, both authorities and personnel of the Alliance Bus service have not made statements, likewise, the recordings of what happened in the unit have not been released, since it had security cameras

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This weekend, through a Facebook group, the user named Mercedes Romero, denounced that her sister urgently needed help as the driver of a unit with the San Joaquín Sábalo route, At the port of Mazatlán, she was allegedly not allowed to get off the unit and was subsequently cut off, leaving her family uneasy.

According to the account published hours later by another user in the same group, it was reported that the young woman who was traveling in the aforementioned unit called her sister while crying, telling her that her phone’s battery was about to run out and the driver of the unit did not allow her to get off, which further alerted the family.

“My sister came in a San Joaquín Sábalo bus, about 20 minutes ago she wrote to me asking for help because the bus driver wouldn’t let her get off and I thought it was a joke, so I dialed her and she answered me crying. The last thing she managed to say was that the bus driver did not want to let her get off and that she was passing by a Bodega and her cell phone would turn off, I was scared and it’s late! Please, someone, tell me what else to do, I already called 911 but I don’t know anything, ”the message reads.

After this episode and hours later, the same user updated the situation of the case and reported that her sister was found alive, in addition to revealing the identity of the operator with her name and photograph, however, she pointed out that the gendarme who answered the call The helpdesk was known to the operator of the unit, so they called her a liar and downplayed the seriousness of the matter.

“They already found my sister but apparently they are not going to do anything to the guy and they are going to release him in 72 hours, and the policeman knows him and treated my sister as an exaggerated and a liar… This is an injustice, the bus driver took her to a lonely and dark place and wouldn’t let her get off. Just because he did not manage to physically attack her because he managed to flee, they will not proceed ”,

So far, both authorities and personnel of the bus Alliance have not made any statements, and the recordings of what happened in the unit have not been released, since it had security cameras.


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