Canadians snowbirds arrive on the Yucatan coast and help with economic recovery


Like every year, Canadians arrive in the winter season in Yucatán

The arrival of the Canadian community to the port of Progreso and its fishing communities has begun, in search of the warm climate of the region, before the start of the winter season in the northern hemisphere, which brings economic benefits to several local sectors.

Although the climatic conditions of Yucatan have not been the best they do not compare with the extreme ones that are experienced in Canada, for that reason, since the beginning of December, some temporary residents arrived who, year after year, “land” in the port to join the permanent expat community

Explora Costa Esmeralda, la costa yucateca del norte

With the beginning of winter – the influx will increase. The tourist sector of the port and its coastal demarcations, primarily restaurant owners, said they were prepared to meet the demand of the “visitors” during the winter, and also of the Yucatecans who, regardless of the presence of some cold fronts, come to the coastal area.

Turismo de segundas residencias en Yucatán: un mercado en expansión -  Entorno Turístico

Representatives of the Canadian community of Progreso indicated that both foreign residents and those who come to visit are committed to following the measures for the Covid-19 health contingency; In this sense, they commented that they will maintain “low” mobility, avoid crowds, use face masks and observe the healthy distance, especially in local businesses.

Unos 300 canadienses están en cuarentena en puertos yucatecos

With this, it is expected that the tourism sector will have a better closing of the year and “breathe” after the months of confinement and no entry of economic resources.  

Conoce las diferentes zonas de la costa Yucateca

The different areas of the Yucatecan coast

Our clients and friends constantly ask us about the coastal area of ​​Yucatan since they have doubts about where it is better to acquire and invest in a property, that is why we present the different locations of the beach and the main characteristics that distinguish them, with the So that you can identify which is the area that suits your preferences and the property you acquire is the one of your dreams! 

Let’s start our tour of Celestún, a known eco-tourism paradise of the state of Yucatán, in fact, it is considered the cradle of ecotourism in Mexico and receives more than 75,000 tourists a year, who look for places to stay and receive services. From Mérida, by car, the journey takes an hour and a half. It has a great diversity of flora and fauna of special beauty. Among its natural attractions are the Baldiosera spring where you can swim and dive; the Cambay spring which is a spring of freshwater, and finally the main attraction is the Pink Flamingo; the flamingos of Celestún are the pinkest in the worldand they can be observed in their natural ecosystem aboard boats guided by locals. Another important attraction is its huge lighthouse, considered the highest in the State. 

Yucatan coast map

Let’s continue our tour in Sisal just named a Pueblo Magico which is located 74.6 km from Mérida, an almost virgin site that presents great growth, has extensive beaches and coastal dunes;  the whitest and with great fauna on the coast. Its traditional restaurants near the sea offer the freshest seafood. In Sisal you cannot miss strolling along the pier, sitting on the typical benches, and marveling at the colors of the sky at sunset. Sisal was the first important port in the region, from where henequen was exported, it is distinguished by its tranquility, its beautiful beaches, and the fishing that attracts thousands of tourists. The government of Yucatán has committed to investing in this beautiful coastal town to improve services with new streets, lighting, and services to attract tourism to the area for all it has to offer.

 puerto de Sisal

Our next destination is Chelem,  a quiet fishing port with residences that are occupied by visitors during the holiday seasons and that activate the economy of the place, although it is important to mention that housing rentals are available all year round. Chelem has changed a bit in recent years, with the arrival of small supermarkets and various businesses, however, it retains the essence of a traditional port; It has a small market that is located in front of the main park, church, and restaurants that offer delicious dishes and coconut desserts. Chelem offers the opportunity for rest and family life. You cannot miss the sunsets on the beaches of Chelem, with family and friends!

It also has a large community of foreigners who contribute to the commercial activity and who spend some months of the year in this picturesque port. 

Sunset in Chelem
Sunset in Chelem

Let’s continue in the port of Progreso, which is the main one in Yucatan. It is located to the north, 36 km. of Mérida. With the finished navigation channel and the cruise dock, it has the capacity to serve two mega cruise ships of the fourth generation simultaneously and a position to receive ferries. Progreso is currently a tourist link point and a border open to commercial exchange with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Progreso has an ideal boardwalk to enjoy the beach and stroll in the afternoon, since it has several restaurants facing the sea that offer the traditional dishes of the region, with seafood and fresh fish. Tourism on the Yucatan coast also impacts real estate, as it gives additional value to properties.

This port has supermarkets and services of all kinds for its residents and visitors, which has made it the commercial center of the area, which has a much more lively environment than other towns on the Yucatan coast. 


Chicxulub is located just 8 kilometers from Progreso and is distinguished by the different restaurants and bars that frame the social life during the holidays. It has a large infrastructure to receive the thousands of visitors who come to this site during the Easter holidays and the months of July and August, a period in which the area of ​​discos is activated, which year after year are the point meeting of a large number of people. In addition to the nightlife, the main park serves as a meeting point for family life. In addition, usually in this place, a small fair is installed where children have a great time.

In Chicxulub you will find excellent options for Residential developments in this and other areas of the coast, with a demand that is increasing, vacation rentals are becoming an attractive business that continues to grow. 

Yucatan beaches (2)

We arrived at Uaymitún, a residential area with beautiful beaches on the emerald coast of Yucatán; its soft sand and crystal clear sea make this port an excellent place for rest and relaxation.   In the tour along the coastal road, you can see various summer houses that are a few meters from the sea. Uaymitún keeps its beaches clean and with little influx when it is not the holiday season. It has several houses and apartments for rent and its main attraction is the tourist Parador to appreciate the flamingos.

Kinuh Telchac

We finish our tour in Telchac, which has blue skies and beautiful beaches in a quiet town and with the most exclusive developments in the area. Telchac Puerto is located just 30 minutes from Progreso. This destination is considered an ideal destination to rest. During the summer vacation season, this place comes alive and it is common to see people walking through the streets to enjoy all the attractions it has to offer. Here you can find the main pier, the traditional square, and restaurants. You cannot stop trying the traditional sweets of Telchac, they are a delight! Near Telchac you can find ruins, cenotes, salt mines, and haciendas. If you are looking to escape the crowds of the city and enjoy nature, this site is ideal for you.


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