It takes 2 hours in pulmonia to be able to tour Mazatlan well


Mazatlán has many attractions and history, says a driver of this traditional vehicle

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- “If you went to Mazatlán and did not get into a pulmonia, it is as if you had not gone to Mazatlán”, some people say when they imply that taking a tour of this historic transport is something “Obligatory” that has to be done when being in the port.

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Jesús Antonio Sarabia Rojas, who is a driver of these typical vehicles, commented to Reacción Informativa that many tourists usually request a one-hour tour of the destination, however, he says that Mazatlán has so many tourist attractions and so much history that one hour is not enough, so it takes at least two hours to be able to visit all the attractions and learn about its past, as well as stopping for a moment and taking “the memory photo”.


Jesús Antonio, better known by his colleagues and friends as “El Pilón”, explains that the route is centered “around the entire Malecas” “beachfront boardwalk”.

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Places like “Las Letras de Mazatlán” that are next to Valentino’s, where the Malecón, Olas Altas, Paseo Claussen, El Clavadista begin, monuments such as “Los Delfines” (Continuity of Life), “Los Monos Bichis” (Monument al Pescador), El Faro, La Puntilla, El Cerro del Vigía, El Paseo del Centenario, the house where Pedro Infante was born, Plazuela Machado, “El Viejo Mazatlán”, Pinitos Beach and even the area of ​​Cerritos with Playa Brujas and the palapas They are one of the places that most amaze tourists, says the tourist service provider.

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While these tours are carried out, the drivers explain the anecdotes, history, and some details of the place that is being visited.

In addition to these places, there are other attractions that are usually very crowded: La Cueva del Diablo, the Aquarium, Cathedral, the Pino Suárez Market, Isla de la Piedra, Zona Dorada, and La Marina, among others.

“El Pilón” recognizes that not all users want to take a tour to know the destination, some only want to walk with music to rejoice and with drinks to get the atmosphere.

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A one-hour ride on pulmonia costs approximately 300 pesos. Although some drivers may charge a different rate, that is the average price that Jesus charges.

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