Hotel associating will bet on business tourism in Puerto Vallarta


The president of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Motel Association, Álvaro Garciarce Monraz, said that increasing the hotel occupancy of this tourist destination to 50% is great news and an opportunity for a rapid economic reactivation. 

Likewise, many opportunities will be opened, such as attracting tourism for meetings, groups and conventions , since the hotels may be adapted for this type of business.

The hotelier mentioned that operating at 25% occupancy was not enough, since the numbers were still in the red and the demand was much higher.  

Likewise, doubling the occupation gives the opportunity for more workers to join their jobs in companies. 

On the other hand, he reported that the health protocols may be adapted but always ensuring that the lodging establishments comply with them, thus taking care of their guests and employees. 

Regarding the agreement with the State Government, Garciarce Monraz, stressed that it was shown that Puerto Vallarta is complying with the protocols and 25% was not enough for this tourist destination, so the commitment is to continue like this and register numbers blacks. 

Likewise, they did not want to breach and be sanctioned by the authority, because on weekends the hotels reached 30% occupancy, which was very complicated for companies.  

It is worth mentioning that hotels will be able to operate at 50%, so far more than 66 are open out of 199 in the city.


The Mazatlan Post