Events workers block 3 roads in Mazatlan


They demand a dialogue with the mayor so that he can tell them when they can work

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Workers of the organization and holding of social events say they are desperate and ignored by the authorities, which is why they decided to block three of the most important avenues in the city: Avenida del Mar, Avenida Camarón Sábalo and Avenida Rafael Buelna, at the intersection of these three: the Glorieta del Valentino’s.

The workers’ call is for the municipal authority, so that it can tell them from what date they will be able to return to work, since for five months they have not been able to work as a result of the pandemic and although they have sought three approaches, they have not they have been given a solution.


Today, the Association of Professionals and Suppliers for events in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, called a press conference at 9:00 in the morning, in which they announced the current situation and where the urgent call was reiterated to the authorities.

However, barely an hour and 10 minutes elapsed, the workers moved towards Avenida del Mar and with blankets in hand they decided to block both directions of this road, right in front of the “Letras de Mazatlán”.

The intention was clear: to block road traffic until Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres came personally and gave them a solution.

Municipal Transit elements quickly arrived to block the vehicular passage a few meters before to divert the drivers. Minutes later, elements of Civil Protection and Inspectors of the Official Office arrived, who remained on the sidelines and at a distance, observing the protesters.

Immediately, the mobilization began to cause annoyance on the part of the drivers, the horns and shouts began to be frequent, while the workers shouted in unison “We want a solution!”.

In a couple of minutes, the protesters decided to move and block the Glorieta del Valentino’s, closing the road to units that circulated along Avenida Camarón Sábalo and Avenida Rafael Buelna, an act that consequently produced more disagreement on the part of motorists, who did honking more and more their horn … Even some drivers got out of their vehicles trying to face those who were leading this movement. However, the conduits ended up giving way and retreating, choosing alternate routes to continue on their way. At the same time, Transit elements went from car to car to convince motorists to return and take a new road.

As time went by, spirits relaxed and those present began to settle under umbrellas, resting on chairs typical of their furniture.

On behalf of the authority, the Deputy Director of Commerce, Jesús Guillermo Jackes Tirado arrived, who said that the Senior Officer would be willing to attend them in the Cabildo Hall, as long as a delegation was to talk with him. However, those present rejected the proposal as they maintained that their interest is to have a dialogue with the mayor so that he can give them a definitive solution as soon as possible.

That said, the official went on to leave and only the protesters with their canvases and messages remained at the site, under the strong rays of the sun, while more elements of the Tourist Police and Traffic Police arrived in the surroundings.

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Two hours after the blockade, the streets continue to be taken. The workers affirm that they will wait for the municipal president and that in the meantime they will continue with these actions.


The Mazatlan Post