40% of Mazatlan businesses close permanently


Canaco estimated that there are 7,800 businesses that will no longer open and the loss of 15,000 jobs

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the closure of shops for three months due to the Covid-19 health emergency , around 7,800 businesses of different lines will not be able to restart activities in the new normality.

The president of the Mazatlan Chamber of Commerce, Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, estimated that 40% of businesses will not have the possibility to raise their curtains again.

The shops no longer survive and many had to close permanently, we are so far 40% of Canaco affiliates have closed permanently.

Sandoval Gaxiola

Sandoval Gaxiola commented that a month ago it was the 20% that due to lack of resources could no longer reopen, however, this percentage doubled, and as the days go by the business bankruptcy continues to increase.

He pointed out that in addition to the definitive closings, in all the drafts personnel have been discharged in these almost three months of paralysis, due to the health emergency in the country due to the virus.

With almost 90 days that non-essential businesses are closed, they live in an extremely difficult economic situation, and almost 15 thousand workers have been lost in Mazatlán alone.

Sandoval Gaxiola

He regretted that the government left them alone in this long journey of the pandemic since they never obtained any fiscal stimulus or credits, which is why it is seeking the full opening of business by June 26.

This Tuesday, the official reopening of a thousand 445 businesses is scheduled for the lines of general clothing, jewelry, footwear, cosmetics, and optics; as well as pawnshops, household, and household items, with 6,028 jobs.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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