San Jose del Cabo hotel association confirms closure of Holiday Inn Resort after 35 years


San José del Cabo, BCS.- The executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Lilzzi Orcí, confirmed the definitive closure of the Holiday Inn San José del Cabo hotel, formerly Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, as a result of the pandemic.

Holiday Inn

“Unfortunately it was a consequence of the pandemic. As is well known, this epidemic is affecting all sectors. Without a doubt, tourism is one of the most affected. It is a pity that an emblematic hotel of the destination, with more than 35 years of services, closes its operations. One of the decisions that Grupo Presidente made, given the severe damages that the sector has had, was to close definitive operations of two of its properties in the Republic, one being the hotel located here in Los Cabos, “he pointed out.

This is so far the only hotel that has announced the definitive closure of operations, he stressed.

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“We are responsibly complying with the recommendations that have been made through the State Health Safety Council, which is the only one that has the power to dictate the dates of reopening of activities. We understand, understand, and respect that the actions they are taking are in favor of the health of the inhabitants. We are working very hard day by day to be able to cope with the situation and to be able to overcome ourselves as much as possible in favorable times ”, he concluded.


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